Find Suppliers of Iranian dates


Dates fruits are one of the most plentiful fruits found in the world. It is available in several varieties with many colors, flavors, and textures. Date fruits have been accredited since long ago due to their nutrient value. In many countries, they have been accepted as a staple food. Therefore, Date fruits, especially, different types of Iranian dates have a great demand in the world market.


The Dates fruit Exporter purchases this fruit from the leading dates producing countries, like Iran, and supplies it throughout the world. In Iran, several types of dates are cultivated. As per studies, Iran is the second-largest dates Fruits producing country in the world. According to studies, Iran produces 1,000,000 metric tons of dates annually which is nearly 20% of the total production of dates in the world. Though more or less 400 varieties of dates fruits are produced in Iran, only a few types are commercially important.


Here are five kinds of Iranian dates fruit which have a great demand in the market and Dates fruit Exporters regularly export those across the globe:


Mazafati Dates

Mazafati is one of the popular variations in date fruits. The taste of this medium-sized, dark brownish or black, and soft-textured fruit is delicious. It contains about 20% moisture. The annual production of Mazafati Date Fruits is above 100,000 tons. It is harvested in the middle of August. Mazafati Date grows in the Bam city of Kerman province. So, it is also known as Bam Mazafati dates.


Zahidi Dates

Due to their highly-nutritious value, Zahidi Dates are considered as one of the best types of Iranian dates. These oval-shaped, medium-sized dates fruits are a rich source of dietary fiber. Besides, Zahidi Date fruit contains B-vitamins, potassium, flavonoids, iron, and anti-oxidants with about twenty amino acids!

Kabkab Dates

Kabkab dates are extensively used in the bakeries and food industries. This variety is cultivated in the Dashtestan and Kazerun cities of Borazjan. It is part of the Fars region in Iran. These soft and black dates are suitable enough to use in food industries. People also consume them directly for their amazingly sweet and delicious taste. These soft and velvety-textured Kabkab dates contain less than 18% moisture. The harvesting season of Kabkab dates is between September and October. About 50,000 tons Kabkab dates are produced every year.


Piarom Dates

Piarom is one of the best varieties of Iranian Date fruits. Semi-dried Piarom dates are cultivated in the Hormozgan region of Iran. These round-shaped, dark brownish Date Fruits are acknowledged as one of the healthiest snacks. The date contains about 15% moisture. The harvesting period of Piarom Dates is mid-September. Lots of people, searching for maximum Health Benefits of Dates, consume Piarom Dates regularly.


Sayer Dates

Ripen Sayer Dates get reddish-brown color. Most dates are cultivated in southern Iran. There are more than 400 varieties of dates in Iran, but the one that is exported mostly is Sayer (40%). The date is produced in the Khuzestan province of Iran. It has a great nutritious value. People, conscious about the Health Benefits of Dates, purchase this soft, sweet, medium-sized variety regularly. Besides, Sayer Dates are widely used in the food industry. Sayer dates are harvested in October. The annual production of this date is about 50,000 tons. Sayer Dates are also known as Saamaran, Stamara, and Samberun.


These are the best types of date fruits found around Iran. If you are health-conscious enough, then consume dates fruits regularly to maintain your good health.