How to stay motivated while dieting?


One of the most important things to stick to a diet and lose weight is maintaining motivation. Increasing the amount of activities, staying away from smartphones, providing enough water to the body, waking up early and paying attention to the amount of calories consumed are among the things that keep your motivation during the diet.

Staying motivated while dieting is very difficult. Sometimes silly mistakes can seriously demotivate you and take you off the path of weight loss. If you’re feeling unmotivated to stay on track, try some or all of the following.

Expect obstacles.

Everyone may have food temptations during their diet, which is completely normal. If you encounter such obstacles on your way, tell yourself that I can easily overcome such a problem and deal with it after the problem is solved.

Prepare a stabilization plan for yourself.

For many people, losing weight is much easier than keeping it off. Remember that eating healthy foods such as Kurma Rabbi is a lifelong plan, not a short-term project. If you have faced such a problem in the past, plan for it in advance. Ask a nutritionist to prepare a stabilization plan for you.

Don’t be a perfectionist.

Perfectionism, more than anything else, causes failure to lose weight. This opinion shows itself with the smallest change in the diet and leads to failure and abandonment of the diet plan. If one day you can’t follow your plan, forget it, tomorrow is another day.


Find yourself a partner.

Making important changes in lifestyle alone is associated with many difficulties and hardships. Finding people with similar goals can motivate you and help you achieve successful weight loss. Having a partner in the ups and downs of your diet will help you stick to your plan more easily and keep going. Having a support group, both in the family and virtually, is very helpful.


Be patient.

One of the biggest problems with weight loss is the weight loss plateau. During the weight loss program, you exercise and reduce the amount of food you eat, and you see successful weight loss every day. But all of a sudden, your weight stabilizes and no matter what you do, you don’t get thinner, which is called a weight loss plateau. Such a problem is completely normal. Don’t worry about such a problem. This problem is completely normal in the path of weight loss and it shows that you need to make some changes in your weight loss program or exercise to start losing weight again.


Reward yourself.

Dieting is hard work and there is no fun in it. To give yourself enough motivation to lose weight, give yourself a small reward for each success. But remember that rewards don’t have to be about food. Set small goals for yourself and reward yourself when you achieve them. Your reward can be a massage, a bubble bath, buying a pair of leggings and things like that. Celebrating and rewarding dieting successes will increase your adherence and commitment to the diet.