Delicious Iranian Dates

October 13, 2021 , Iranian Dates

Iranian dates in this world have a different taste and are unique too. Iran has long been a leading date producer and has been able to satisfy date lovers of almost all countries. Dates are always growing in dry and warm conditions which these conditions are offered in northern Iran for the continuous growth of date. The recent recession in Iran led to a rise in prices, but still the demand is very strong for Iranian dates and there is no dearth of suppliers in Iran.

There are many varieties of Iranian dates available in the market. The most famous of all varieties is the Basmala which is called as the national flower of Iran. It is available all over the world. Other popular Iranian dates include Korkkhod (or Erandha), Kedavri, Kava, Hormah, Mahoshtam, Shelar, Kilcha, Mehr and Razavi. Some of these varieties of Iranian dates can be found in some parts of Europe and are also introduced in the USA.

The health benefits of Iranian dates are numerous. These dates are rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers, vitamins, enzymes etc. and therefore are a great addition to our daily diet. This fact has become a popular one among many people all over the world who are now trying out the new flavor combinations that the Iranian brand has to offer by using this particular type of date.

The export of Iranian dates is done by both Iranian and European companies. Some of the main international companies that export these products include: International Exporters of Iran, Parsvnath International, Unilever Cables Trading, World Wide Brands Inc., Unocal, E&P Iran, International Dates, Iran Shipping Company, Ashal Tours Company, International Dates, Iran Food Processing Co, Mideast Trading Co. etc. There are also small local importers that export Iranian dates to various parts of the globe. You can find the details regarding these companies by visiting the website of the Iranian Foreign Trade Ministry. Another place you can search for Iranian dates is through the official website of the Iranian Development Council. You will also get to know about the quantity available and by going through the Iranian Company List.

The quality of Iranian dates is also a matter of concern. Iranian authorities strictly control the process of how the dates are prepared and exported from the country. Therefore, you will not find any date varieties from Iran that are contaminated with chemicals. You can also go through the Iranian Company List to know more about the company that is manufacturing the particular variety of date and the quality it possesses.

Irrespective of where you buy Iranian dates from, you should keep in mind the best quality, the best presentation and the most realistic prices. The Iranian Government has started restricting the sale of Iranian dates in the international market. Due to this the rates of the dates have fallen significantly and now they are comparatively cheaper than other types of dates available in the domestic market. One of the reasons why the Iranian prices are low is because of the presence of a large quantity of the fruits in Iran and the dates obtained through this method of cultivation of the fruits are always at the maximum use.

The taste of Iranian dates is quite similar to the dates that are acquired from the local markets of Iran. However, due to some stringent procedures the process of harvesting and preparing the best dates from Iran is much simpler and the quality of the fruit is much better. In addition to this, the texture of the Iranian dates is also quite similar to that of the locally grown dates and hence they taste very good. The black color of the skin and the taste of the Iranian dates is almost identical to that of the local produce.

Iranian dates are harvested using the traditional methods and the harvesting of these fruits is done only by Iranian and this allows them to retain the best quality and the freshness of the fruits. Due to the proper irrigation system the palms that are used for harvesting the dates do not dry out, but retain the moisture till the time of sending to the market. The soil in the region where Iran is located has got the perfect moisture levels and this is the reason that this is the region where the dates are cultivated the best. Irrigation systems are not an essential component of the whole date production process, but the moisture levels in the soil is necessary and hence it is very important that the moisture level remains constant in order to ensure the quality and freshness of the Iranian dates.